Artist Statement

At a young age, I realized that I saw the world a bit differently than others. My imagination was always running wild and somehow I was never bound to the boxes that my parents and teachers tried to put me in.

At a very young age I read a book called: “The Magic Faraway Tree” by Enid Blyton. The book is about enchanted characters living in a magical forest. These characters came from an enchanted tree that was the entrance to different fairy tale lands. Next to the magical forest there were three children living on a farm. The children spent most of their time visiting these magical characters and went on amazing adventures with them. This book reminds me of my own adventures growing up. I spent most of my time in the meadow under a big thorn tree in the most faraway corner of the farm, where I lived with my parents, about half an hour’s drive from Johannesburg. It is there where I developed my imagination and where my creativity and passion for Design started. I have many good memories from that time and it formed me into the person I am today. Growing up, creativity was always part of my day. As I got older the world changed into a place filled with responsibility and unfairness. As negative as this might sound, it is part of growing up and being an adult. So, for me, creativity and design became my fairy tale land to which I could escape to whenever I needed something positive in this world. When I started my creative career, I started like so many others do, through the field of photography. I love photography and it forms a big part of my creative journey, but I always knew there was still so much more to explore in the creative field. That is why I decided to move into the field of graphic design, to enhance my creative skills and with it, bring a whole new world full of imagination.

I was born and raised in South Africa and moved to Germany with my husband in 2015. Munich is the place I now call home and we live in a wonderful part of Munich. Our apartment overlooks a forest where squirrels come to visit our garden every day. When I see them jumping around and sometimes chasing each other, I think back to that book about the magical forest. I think about the magical tree and then imagine that all those magical creatures are living in the forest next to our apartment, knowing there is a whole other world that we don’t know about. For me, Design comes from the imagination. It is all around us. When I create a design, my aim is to take the viewer back to their imagination, opening up a world full of endless possibilities. A place where they belong and can be free to be who they are.

Our imagination is in us and Design is all around us. Anything from products to apps and even entertainment. Everything is connected to Design and design is in everything Design can take you places you never thought possible and personally, I am excited to see where it will take me in the future.