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A story called Concept Development

It took just over 4 hours traveling time to attend my first lecture weekend since I am living in Munich Germany.  All lectures during my first trimester will be held in Vienna, Austria.  I’ll be honest, I am looking forward to travel a bit more than usual.  There hasn’t been time for me and my husband to get away from the city to relax and wind down from keeping up with a full time job as well studying next to it.  I’ve had a tough journey till now as the first part of my studies was in German, which isn’t my first or second language.  I’m looking forward to continuing my final year in English.

During the fist lecture, we discussed our first two modules for the trimester.  One of the two modules is Concept Development and the lecturer looked at the overall definition of what concept development is, showing several examples of designs created through concept development.  There were some very interesting examples, together with designs that one might say crossed the line and maybe went a bit too far in trying to make a point.  Even though it might seem too radical, this was all perfect examples of concept development.

Tzenkova, A.  (2011)  How life feels to butterfly kids campaign [Online].  Available at:  [Accessed: 20 October 2019].

Tzenkova, A.  (2011)  How life feels to butterfly kids campaign [Online].  Available at:  [Accessed: 20 October 2019].

We then received our projects that had to be completed throughout the trimester, including tasks, creative journals and blogging.  Our lecturer also said that we have to think about concepts or ideas that we will use as topics for the different topics.  We had to decide what the topics were within a few minutes and then had to present it to the rest of our class members.

It wasn’t a lot of time to come up with the topics, but it had to be done. Initially I had the following ideas:

  • Topic 1:  Apartheid (The influence Apartheid had on shaping the country of South Africa into what it is today.  Bringing awareness to what the state of this country is).
  • Topic 2:  Food intolerances  (Going into which food allergies exist and why)
  • Topic 3:   Beauty (Looking at how beauty is defined today and the drastic measures people are taking to look and stay beautiful). Topic 4:  Depression / Mental illness (Bringing awareness to what it is and how it develops.  Specifically looking at Depression, as it is one of the most common mental illnesses present today)

After everyone had presented their ideas to the class, we started our one on one discussions with the lecturer to discuss our ideas.  Everyone kept busy working on their ideas and finding partners to work together on group projects.

After the day was done, the sun had already set over Vienna.  I was a bit tired because of the long day and also still trying to get over a cold, but as it was my visited to this city, I wanted to explore a bit and at least see a few things while getting something to eat with my husband.  Here are some highlights:

The Vienna State Opera
The Vienna State Opera
The Hofburg
Cafe Central

The next morning we started with the second module for the trimester, Creative Writing.  After spending another long day attending the lecture, the weekend came to an end.  It was a long drive back home but at least it ended with a beautiful sunset. With the first lecture weekend over, the hard work had only started.  I realized that I didn’t have as much time as some of my fellow class mates, because of my full time job.  I knew I had to take my discipline to the next level in order to manage my time correctly and get enough hours work done for my studies, as the first project was due in three weeks.

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