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Ideas and inspiration


I originally thought of taking the topic Apartheid and focus on showing the reality of what is going on in South Africa today, as a result of Apartheid and what happened so many years ago. I started doing research into the influence Apartheid had on the country it is today, and soon realized that it’s a very grim/bleak picture to look at. I knew from the start when I chose Apartheid as my first topic that this won’t be a happy subject matter, but the more research I did, the more I felt the negativity affecting me. That is why I decided to change my perspective on the topic towards a more positive one. I believe the negativity had such a big impact on me because I’m so personally involved, being a South African citizen myself. It also didn’t make things easier, knowing I still have my family living in a country filled with daily corruption and crime, not knowing if they are still safe or not.

I also changed my perspective, because I believe that I am a bit more optimistic than others around me, focusing more on the positive things, no matter how small. This is part of who I am and decided to do this shift in perspective in order to create designs from who I am inside.

Inspiration for the project:

For inspiration I looked at the national flag of South Africa, but not only the current one that was designed after Apartheid ended, but also the one used before that consisting of the colors blue, orange and white. The culture of this beautiful country is filled with bright and warm colors found in beautiful pattern designs. Not only the colors, but also the people are warm hearted and one of the friendliest nations in the world. There is a very interesting term used throughout the nation, describing it’s unique citizens. This term is “The Rainbow Nation”. I know that color would be one of the main elements of the designs.



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